Our Factories

ECOLux Grass™ Uses North America's Only Fully Integrated Synthetic Grass Company with ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facilities

Extrusion Plant

Synthetic Yarn Manufacturing - Dadeville, AL

ProGreen's extrusion manufacturing facility for synthetic grass yarn. ProGreen's state of the art extrusion facility is located in Dadeville, AL. The plant houses eight monofilament, slip tape, and monotape extruders along with twisting, texturizing and other ancillary processes. The plant has been in operation since 1997.

Our analysis of industry data shows that synthetic grass failures over the last decade are primarily due to yarn failures. This is the reason we produce all our fibers in-house and in America; ProGreen is the only company in North America that does so.

Our first stop is monofilament. A critical part of any extruder is the dosing system that meters in resin and the various additives that provide a fiber its color and UV properties. Small variations in dosing can lead to big changes in the field's performance 2-3 years down the road. Additives used overseas are often not subject to strict U.S. standards on lead and heavy metals. This is why ProGreen has chosen to be 100% American made. Additionally, we use the highest technology gravimetric dosers. The resin and additives are melted and forced though dyes that have specific shapes that give fibers properties such as bounce back resiliency. The rest of the line imparts various pre-programmed physical properties such as strength and shrinkage. Finished fibers are wound on packages and sent to twisting. We also can texturize our fibers. This texturizing process creates a crimp in the fiber that is used as a thatch zone in landscape and sports field products.

All the finished products are then sent to our tufting and coating facility in Chatsworth, Georgia.

Tufting & Coating Plant

Synthetic Grass Assembly - Chatsworth, GA

ProGreen's tufting and coating manufacturing facility for synthetic grass yarn. ProGreen's tufting and coating facility is located in Chatsworth, Georgia. Like our extrusion facility in Dadeville, Alabama, the Chatsworth facility is committed to American Manufacturing and American jobs. The plant houses tufting machines for a variety of gauges, polyurethane coatings, recyclable hot melt coatings and other ancillary processes. The plant has been under ProGreen's control since 2004 and over the years has supplied complete turf products to most artificial turf companies. Keep in mind that many synthetic grass companies claim to make their own products out of their own factories, yet they are merely outsourcing their grasses from an existing manufacturing facility that makes both carpeting and synthetic grass. ProGreen owns their own facilities and only uses them to produce synthetic grass.

The first step is tufting. ProGreen has 10 tufting machines, 3 New High Speed Machines, and 3 Machines with dual feed systems and dual creels. We are able to manufacture a wide variety of gauges ranging from 3/16 of an inch to three quarters of an inch. The dual feed systems are required when producing dual fiber systems or products that contain a thatch zone. After the products are tufted to the required specifications, the rolls of turf are staged for coating.

Next is polyurethane coating. A polyurethane coating is applied to the back of the tufted turf to lock in the fibers, known as tuft bind, and to provide additional stability to the finished turf. ProGreen's polyurethane coater is dedicated to synthetic turf only, unlike most of the competitive coaters that will also run carpet products. ProGreen has a proprietary polyurethane formulation that yields the best tuft bind in the industry. Our in-house compounding provides maximum control over the coating formulation and consistency from batch to batch. Perforations are provided for drainage. Our perforation pattern allows for the most consistent drainage in the industry. We have over 100 million square feet of coating capacity.

ProGreen also has a hot melt coating system for landscape products that is self-draining and 100% recyclable.

Quality control checks are performed against specifications on every roll produced in both tufting and coating. In addition, a gel time, viscosity and water test is performed on every batch of polyurethane we produce. We also operate a lisport accelerated wear tester for product durability.