Dog and Pets

We are all too familiar with the havoc a dog can wreak on your yard. From the digging and running to the mud and puddles, it just seems impossible to keep green grass growing or to keep mud from being tracked indoors. Luckily, ECOLux features an artificial grass product specifically designed to meet the needs of dogs and to provide solutions to all of these problems.

No matter how much rain or snow we may get in Idaho, your backyard will remain dry and clean, and so will the interior of your house. In addition, our high quality artificial grass is durable enough to withstand the rigorous demands of your four legged family members.

SYNLawn is equipped with an aggressive drainage system already in place, so you can be confident that all bathroom breaks will flow quickly through the grass, leaving it clean and odor free. As for the other messes, they will be picked up as they typically would, but tend to be much easier to handle on our artificial grass than natural turf.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our dog friendly artificial grass.