Turf Products: Lawns

We have many types of synthetic grass for different uses.


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ProGreen's artificial turf grass looks and feels like the real thing.

We install ProGreen synthetic grass products that come with "thatch" fibers that keep the blades of grass standing upright. Supersoft™ fiber technology enhances the softness of the artificial grass blades while still ensuring the tensile strength and overall integrity.

The polyethylene grass blades have an oval shape to ensure durability and softness. This also allows multi-directional movement and improves resilience. The Delustered™ fibers are ultraviolet inhibited polyethylene fibers.

Each individual layer is treated for ultraviolet degradation and exposure to extreme temperatures. Additionally, all ProGreen synthetic lawn products come with the exclusive QuadriBIND™ backings that are formulated from renewable resources.